LOVE is the highest of all virtues. All of the commandments of God can be achieved by first LOVING GOD, and then LOVING OUR NEIGHBOR AS OURSELVES. If you love God, you will not worship or bow down to statues or crosses. You will not take his name in vain by saying, "Oh my God!" or "Jesus Christ!" in anger or frustration or surprise. Sunday shouldn't be a day to deep clean the house, or to catch up on your work from the office, nor should it be a day to do tons of homework. Instead, Sunday should be a day to make time for God by reading his scriptures, and praying to him. It's a day to be close to your family, and to visit the sick and afflicted. We show our love to God by living the best that we know how. By being honest and kind in all we do.

If you truly love others, you will not be envious of them, or covet what they have. You will not lie to them, or steel from them. Nor would you harm them in anyway. To love your neighbor, means to be kind and to show respect to all those around you.

Making time to be with your family and friends is very important to joyful living. Even if you have different interests or personalities, you can still take a moment to be interested in their life; It will make their day (and yours).

Create opportunities to learn new things with those that you love. Take dance classes together. Go on walks together. It’s a great way to get in your exercise, and spend time-sharing about your day.

When you first fall in love, you are blinded to all the things that often end up “annoying” you in the future. It isn’t so much that they have changed, but you are more aware of all their “peculiarities.” Maybe he has a problem with being late. Maybe you are a “time oriented” person. Don’t spend your days being angry that he is always late. You can’t change him. Yes, you can let him know that it would mean a lot to you if he would call, if he were going to be late. Maybe he’ll call you sometimes, but there will be times that he will forget to call. When he does forget, you could be angry when he comes home, but you haven’t seen him all day long. Rather than wasting all your energy on being upset at his tardiness, you could greet him when he arrives, and let him know that you are so happy to see him. Especially in a committed relationship, learning how to communicate despite differences is a real key. So often arguments are about feelings that you have had for a long time, which is "triggered" from the current incident. It’s about two different viewpoints. Neither is completely correct or in error, they are just different. It’s true what they say about Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but you need to agree to live without being at war with varying habits that you brought with you. In the end, it is always better to accept and rejoice in your differences, rather than to take each other to court.

It may be easy to keep an unconcious hidden list of how many times someone offended you, or crossed your path, but keeping such a list will only keep you from truly loving or caring for that person. It will also keep you from truly forgiving them or yourself. Remember, if you can’t forgive someone else, you are most likely to not forgive yourself of your past mistakes. Holding on to past pain is not healthy for anyone. Jesus died for our sins so that we might live again with him in Heaven. He bled from every pore just for you. Combined with the blessing of repentance and forgiveness, we can truly be forgiven of our sins. In turn God asks us to forgive 70x70, or in other words, to always forgive and be forgiving. Harboring ill feelings toward anyone will rob you of your best health, and keep you from truly loving yourself or those around you.

There was a story once told about a woman who hated to clean up after her kids. She could hardly wait till they were off to college. Once they were grown and left the house, she had an immaculate house, but she missed the kids. The moral of the story is to appreciate what you have, when you have it. Kids will grow up soon enough. Enjoy them while they are young, and as they grow into adulthood.

By the time they can walk, they are old enough to start learning how to pick up their mess of toys. They won’t be perfect at it, but they need to start to at least make an attempt to help clean up their own messes.

Something that works very well, is to have everyone wash their own dishes, or to wash at least 5 items. Even 3 year olds can learn to wash their own dishes. Yes, they may want to play in the sink awhile, but at least they are enjoying their work. (To help limit the amount of water, put a big container into the sink. Tell your child that once it is full, to turn off the water. Give them a couple of measuring cups, and they’ll enjoy dipping water out of the full container.) After awhile, you may find that you have to remind the older ones more than the little ones, but in time, everyone will be doing their share. Then when it’s your turn, you’ll just have a few dishes to do. (Ah, your work is done, or at least your dishes are).

No one is perfect. We all have something that we hope that others will be patient with us. There’s that old saying, “Be patient with me, God isn’t finished with me yet.” So in the same way, we need to be patient with each other in our imperfections and quirkiness. So what if the kids keep forgetting to put back their wet towels or to put their clothes in the laundry, remind them kindly with a smile, and in time they'll get better at remembering to do it themselves, or at least remember how you tried to teach them.

Having your daily dose of hugs and kisses can be as important as having your daily meals. It’s a nice way to greet each other in the morning, and a nice way to end the day. It’s even nice when they least expect it. And the nice thing about hugs and kisses, you can’t give a hug or kiss without getting one in return. And remember, just because your kids are getting taller than you, they still need your hugs and kisses. And so do you.


Sometimes it’s easier to have a lot of friends when you’re in school. And easier to forget them as you move or graduate. But don’t forget them. Luckily nowadays, it’s easier to stay in touch through email.

Maybe you’ve made a tradition to get together once a week, or maybe just once a year, but in any case, make time for your friends.

There's a popular old song that says, "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." Remember, everyone needs friends, even after you or they get married and have kids.